Sensory Training Kits

For over a decade, Siebel Institute Sensory Training Kits have set the standard for accuracy and ease-of-use in beer sensory training applications. Developed in conjunction with the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) as part of their comprehensive beer judge training program, the liquid format of the Siebel Institute sensory standards offers key advantages over other sensory training products, including: 

  • Long-term shelf stability of the kits without the need for refrigeration 

  • Highly-concentrated standards, with each vial serving up to 20 people 

  • Self-mixing as beer is poured into pitchers 

  • Ability to be dosed into bottles for ease of service in large group presentation situations 

  • Easy measurement using a laboratory pipette, allowing for dosing at different concentrations into specific sample sizes 

  • Accurate concentration rates based on established sensory science 

Siebel Institute sensory kits are available in preformatted kits as well as mix & match kits, allowing them to be tailored for specific training purposes.  

Siebel Institute also offers presentations regarding the preparation of sensory standards, suggested tasting techniques, and companion videos for each of our sensory compounds via our Siebel Sensory Station playlist on YouTube. Our YouTube channel will continue to offer a growing selection of instructional videos to assist tasters in building an understanding of the principles of brewing sensory science.  


Visit our global distributors list to see where else you can purchase Siebel sensory kits!


To order kits directly from the supplier:

Sensory Training Kits are manufactured and shipped from Germany when purchased directly from Siebel Institute.

  • Estimated delivery is 7-14 business days from the time Siebel Institute approves your order.
  • Products are air-shipped directly from the manufacturer and shipping costs are set at a global average.
  • Shipping Costs (USD): 
    1-4 kits $29
    5-8 kits $58
    9-12 kits $79
    12-15 kits $99

Sensory kits purchased directly through Siebel Institute should be shipped only to a business address.

Download the Sensory Kit Instructional Leaflet


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Advanced Off-Flavor Kit

18x1 selected flavors to spike 1L
$187.55 USD

Essential Off-Flavor Kit

6x1- selected flavors to spike 1L
$98.40 USD

Intermediate Off-Flavor Kit

12x1 selected flavors to spike 1L
$152.40 USD

Comprehensive Sensory Kit

25x1 selected flavors to spike 1L
$228.40 USD

Basic Sensory Kit

4x6 selected flavors to spike 1L
$228.40 USD

Regular Sensory Kit (1L)

12x1 selected flavors to spike 1L
$163.45 USD

12 Mix&Match Sensory Kit

12x1 individual flavors to spike 1L
$170.85 USD

5 Mix&Match Sensory Kit

5x1 individual flavors to spike 1L
$89.15 USD

Craft Sensory Kit

12x1 selected flavors to spike 1L
$163.45 USD

Barrel Aged Sensory Kit

12X1 Selected flavors to spike 1L
$163.45 USD

Specialty Sensory Kit

24x1 individual flavor to spike 1L
$228.40 USD

Sour Sensory Kit

6x1 selected flavors to spike 1L
$121.00 USD